western wedding


To some brides, paradise smells like chaff and leather. Her dream honeymoon is spent in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains and bush trails with nothing but the bell birds call and the clopping of hooves to break the silence. If you're a true Aussie cowgirl with a heart made of plaid, perhaps you desire a Western themed wedding day...

kissing in the hay

To set the theme of your big day, create invites using “WANTED” style fonts and decorate them with sheriff star and horse shoe prints. Help your groom and groomsmen find authentic bolo ties and scour vintage stores for the perfect bridal cowgirl boots! They'll look so cute peeking out from under a wedding gown.

Lucky enough to have a beautiful barn for your reception? Deck it out like the perfect ho-down. Scout your local wineries early on to score some large empty wine barrels. These are great to dot around the dance floor as bar tables. Brighten up tables with big happy sunflowers in antique milk jugs or mason jars. Dance the night away with your friends and family to the banjo-beats of London's knee slapping Mumford and Sons. With songs like “I will wait” and their very first hit “Little Lion Man”, their romantic grass-roots repertoire will have your guests twirling and boot-scooting 'til the cows come home!