wedding songs of 2014


Here we are, near the end of another year that was filled to the brim with love from all corners of the earth. Romantic proposals, unforgettable weddings and billions of happy snaps taken of first kisses and cake cutting. We love to look back on the year via our I Do in a Day magazine and all the wonderful photos we’ve taken along the way. But our second favourite way to reminisce is by listening to the songs that have graced the ceremonies and dance floors of these weddings throughout the year. These are a few of our favourite love songs from 2014. They bring a warm fuzzy feeling to our hearts every time we hear them, and we hope they do the same for you!

first dance

John Legend, “All of me” from the album “Love in the Future”
Tear jerker to the max. All of us in the office have heard it at countless weddings and each time it has yielded the same result. As each of us was watching the blushing bride walking down the aisle, or the happy couple exiting the church, or the newlyweds dancing in a single spotlight, we all admitted to experiencing that big glowy smile and a little welling up of the eyes. You know that feeling, where your happiness for these two is so big it feels like it’s about to spill out down your cheeks? Yep, good song.

Goldroom, “Embrace” from the “Embrace EP”
OK, so technically this is from 2013 BUT it really is a lovely entrance track. When you make your big arrival at the reception, when you’re ready to party and you’re having that “on top of the world” feeling. This song has a really outer-space kind of intro that leads into a bubbly electroriff. Good vibes all around!

Beyonce, “XO” from the album “Beyonce”
We haven’t really decoded the lyrics to this one (and to be honest, the best songs should be left un-dissected) but all we feel when this one hits the sound system is that crazy romantic love rollercoaster feel. Surround yourself with fairy lights and you’ve got a seriously heart fluttering wedding setting! You can’t go wrong with Queen B.

Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud” from the album “x”
If you haven’t gone gaga over it at a wedding this year, you’ve at least swooned over the video clip. Describing it himself as a “walking down the aisle” song, our favourite ginger gentleman of the music world released this knee weakening single about growing old together with a love that stays forever young. First dance material? Duh! 

James Blunt “Bonfire Heart” from the album “Moon Landing”
A popular end of the night song. All Twitter wars aside, James Blunt is on to a winner here with lyrics that speak about people who don’t need much in life, just each other. A heart-warming toe tapper to bring everyone together when it’s time to say thank you and goodnight.