“that wedding dress”


Advice from the iconic Anna Campbell

Walking into an Anna Campbell launch is like walking into what we here at I Do in a Day imagine heaven to be like. Everything is white, save for the pastel wildflowers in mismatched glass bottles. Giant mirrors adorn the walls and make you feel like you’re at some sort of mad bride’s tea party. You are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and smiles as you walk into a waft of peony perfume.  


If you’re a lover of Anna Campbell Designs, you no doubt follow the label’s inspiring accounts on social media  www.facebook.com/annacampbellbridal

“Most of our followers are not engaged,” says Anna, in her effervescent manner. 

“Most are just getting to love the romanticism of the brand, and they’ll come to us when the time is right because they like a direction we’ve taken.”

At the Spirit Collection launch, held at their Melbourne store, models showcased the latest off-the-rack dress designs. If you weren’t already aware of her signature fit, you’d be hard pressed to pick that these ethereal pieces were all wrap dresses. Every dress is created to wrap, drape and hug in all the right places; an iconic element that adds the the flexible, customisable nature of Anna Campbell creations.

I asked Miss Campbell, at what time should a woman start looking for her perfect wedding gown?

“Even before she is engaged!” she replied.

“I’d encourage you to go along to your friends dress fittings if you can. You’ll get to know the process and start to realise what you do and don’t like yourself.”

Anna stresses the importance of discovering how the bride wants her wedding to look and feel, in order to truly produce a dress that is “that wedding dress” to her.

“We spend a lot of time talking to her. Is she having a large formal wedding? A small private ceremony? Is she eloping? Perhaps she’ll be dancing a lot, maybe she doesn’t like lace. The more we get to know her, the more options we can give her.”

Her advice to brides coming from near or far is to understand your fitting appointments. Who they’re with, where they are and how long they run for.

“So many brides and their amazing bridesmaids will book out entire days of fittings. We will get exhausted brides coming in who have never heard of our brand, and want big princess skirts. Of course, we want to help all brides, but sometimes they simply do not want our style, and that’s ok!”

She suggests scoping out all brands online before booking appointments so as not to get disillusioned with the whole process. It’s supposed to be fun after all!

Speaking of fun, we had so much fun getting the first sneak peek at the divine Spirit Collection! The range encompasses some of the most delicate and understated form fitting dresses, through to the most elaborately beaded and crystal encrusted designs. The newly introduced “bone” colour creates a perfect muted pallette for ultra-sparkly bodices and new silk-tulle skirts that are so soft they look to be made of liquid as they flow. Every Anna Campbell dress is hand finished in Melbourne from luxury fabrics and finished with the label’s exclusive beadwork.

While Anna is not entirely certain how her own wedding gown will look (she’s getting married in January!), she knows exactly how a bride looks when she’s found “that dress”.

“She stands really still in front of the mirror and stares at herself. Suddenly she’s so comfortable. She is not turning back and forth, or looking to her friends for opinions. You can see her just enjoying the moment and thinking ‘I want to wear this when I get married’.”

Anna Campbell designs book one hour appointments for all fittings (longer if specifically requested), however the store is always open for people to walk in and browse the exquisite ranges on offer.

The ‘Spirit’ collection is priced between $2,299-$5,999 AU and is available in stores now. As part of Anna Campbell’s Ivory collection, 'Spirit' is available through the Anna Campbell Boutiques, worldwide stockists, and online via www.annacampbell.com.au

All imagery is courtesy of 35mm Wedding Photography