vintage photos


Vintage wedding photography is a wonderful way for the Instagram-aholics in all of us to indulge with fun filters and retro backdrops!

vintage photo

When scouting daytime locations, look for spots rich in natural grain timbers like nearby parks, old houses and barns. The wood adds a raw, organic element to pictures and is a great contrast against formal wedding attire. Be sure to figure out what time of day these places are flooded with natural light so that you or your photographer can best capture each moment and experiment with sun flare.

Vintage weddings exude an image of history, of story-telling and adventure. Embrace this by using backdrops that suggest travel or “going places” like vintage cars, old railway stations, bicycles and suitcases for that runaway-romance feel. 

Try and get a few close ups of the more detailed aspects of the day as these are the things that really add substance to a retro theme . Things that add a certain quirkiness, like the groom's patterned bow-tie, the bride's lace-up booties and the hand written place-cards can make for some great shots.

The best kind of vintage photos are of course the candid ones, where the personality of a couple really shines through, when the mutual adoration in their eyes tells an entire love story in one snap. To really capture these moments, have some fun with your partner to help each other relax. Crack a few jokes about which groom's man will be last man standing later tonight. Kick your shoes off and get some pics of the two of you dangling your toes in a creek, or be really daring (and super careful!!) and try for the ultimate upside down spiderman kiss from the monkey bars of the closest playground!

Get your guests to have shots taken in front of a backdrop of 70's wallpaper at your reception. Laden your backgrounds with carefully selected gorgeous antique finds like a typewriter, old books, cuckoo clocks, beautiful perfume bottles and grandma's stunning crystal collection.  Your wedding album will be a storybook of retro romance to enjoy whenever you're in need of a little flashback...