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Your engagement ring. The piece of jewellery that symbolises taking the next step in life together; that says you'll travel the next road as a couple; that shows the world your devotion and adoration of each other. When your loved one gets down on bended knee, surely there could be a burger ring in that little velvet box and you'd still scream “YES!” to the heavens!       

Ring thumbs

An engagement ring is a very personal piece of jewellery and it can be a challenging and often stressful process to find the right one. When choosing a vintage style engagement ring, there are a few considerations to take on board. One must stray from the bigger, clearer, sparkle-ier shopping method and look more into intricacies of the design, character and functionality. 

Antique or Vintage?

One aspect you should be aware of before heading to the jewellers is the difference between Antique and Vintage rings. The term Antique applies to a ring that is a century or more old. The term Vintage generally applies to pieces from around 30 to 100 years old, rings that are modelled in the style of a select era, such as the Art Deco style of the 1920s. When purchasing an antique ring, be sure it comes with a full history and detail including cut, clarity and age. Also, be aware of the return policy!

Vintage rings can be a tad trickier to choose than a modern style, often boasting more colour variations, geometric settings and stone variations. One of the best ways for your (soon to be) betrothed to get a glimpse into your style is to look at your Pinterest page. Select a few images, or take a smart phone or tablet into the jewellers to match up similar styles. 

Style Files

The groom should also take into account what kind of work you do and lifestyle you lead. This could effect how high you want your stone to sit and how delicate the ring can be. 

The various eras of ring styles can get bewildering. Victorian style rings are often delicate yet intricate, featuring rows of cut diamonds and sometimes pearls. Think Tiffany's classic six pointed rock, the ultimate princess ring. Settings are usually done in rose or yellow gold.

Edwardian pieces came later on, typically set in platinum, featuring filigree detail and sometimes spectacular sapphires.

As mentioned before, next was the Art Deco fashions of the raging 1920's. Styles got a bit more wild and heavy with geometric detail alluding to Egyptian and Asian cultural influences.

Vintage rings feel that little bit more special, as if they've had a life, had adventures before they came into your possession. Have a bit of fun with your choice, take your time, and you could be wearing a tiny little story on your finger for the rest of your life.