vintage hens


The big day is nearly here. The RSVP's are in, the DJ booked and the perfect shoes found. There's but one more big event before your partner whisks you away on your honeymoon. Your gaggle of best friends and your wildest and dearest family members must whisk you off on your hen's night! These days it's almost expected that the bride-to-be will end up a lipstick smeared, tiara wearing, heel breaking hot mess at the end of her “last night of freedom”. Now if that's not entirely up your alley, don't be terrified of what your hen's night may behold for you. Your hen's should be a chance for you to let your hair down in your own way. If your own way is club hopping and dancing til you drop under the bright lights of the big smoke, go nuts! If you prefer something a little more chilled but equally celebratory in , here are some adorable ideas for you!

heart shaped bake goods

Skip the bubbles, don an apron and have a sugar filled day in the bakery! Cupcake decorating courses are popping up in cities all over. They often run for an hour or so, during which you'll be taught how to use brightly coloured fondant icing to create your own bite sized pieces of art. You'll also be taught the tricks of the icing-bag trade and be able to top your cupcakes with soft-serve and rose petal style frosting. Depending where you go, some places offer a special hen's session with naughty shaped fondant cutters! Afterwards you'll toddle your little sprinkle covered self out of there with a box full of treats of your own making.

As we're on the subject of deliciousness, why not jump online and find a cooking class for you and your posse? Choose something out of your comfort kitchen zone; Learn how to whip a beautiful fragrant Thai curry from scratch; Try your hand at organic bread or pasta making; Or learn what all those dust collecting spice jars in your rack are actually for in a vibrant Indonesian cooking class. If you're more Adrian Zumbo than Jamie Oliver, be on the look out for a Macaron course and learn how to create those delightful light-as-a-feather morsels.

If getting down on the dance floor just ain't your style, try getting down and dirty and take your party to the great outdoors. The lads don't have to have all the filthy fun! Dig out that hideously 90's collection of camo that I know you all saved for a Rambo day and throw yourselves into a few rounds of outdoor laser skirmish! It's kind of like paintball, but minus the bruising. No one wants a black and blue bridal party!

Lover not a fighter? More cowgirl than Carrie Bradshaw? Head into the beautiful bushland or flock to the scenic coastlines that border this incredible country and take a trail ride somewhere. Or head continue out to sea and try your luck on a whale watching cruise. Even if you don't manage to catch a beautiful hump back breach, you'll enjoy relaxing and  soaking up some vitamin D, tasting the sea air on your lips. Just be sure to take those sick pills for the weak of stomach. I'd advise a post-boat ride champagne toast, rather than a pre...