vintage hairstyle


A girl who exudes old school style needs a vintage “do” to finish off her wedding look. For modern day inspiration look to the likes of Christina Hendricks in Mad Men, Rachel McAdams in The Notebook (any chance for a perve on Ryan Gosling) and Zooey Deschanel as a retro air-hostess in Almost Famous. 

Vintage Hat- B&W

If you're a lover of volume and are secretly green with envy of Disney's little mermaid, you'll adore a classic Brigitte Bardot bouffant. If you're doing your own hair, experiment with different products such as volumising powders, mousse and dry shampoo to get that added height. Be very careful when back-combing your hair! Boar bristle brushes are harder on the hair but tend to give better hold. Straight combs are much more gentle on the hair, but styles tend to require more product for staying power. Don't tease back and forth, up and down the hair. Tease in inches, pushing up, then removing the comb and starting away from the head again. You want to avoid waking up with a matted birds nest the next day!

Wanna be a vintage pixie on your big day? Channel the adorable Mia Farrow and go the big chop! The pixie cut suits most face shapes. Oval is the easiest, you can pretty much go with any short, choppy do. Those with a round face should try cuts with a little volume at the crown. This will lengthen the face a little and have a narrowing effect. Square faces rock pixie cuts with flicky, flowing side fringes that soften the jaw line. Top off your elf-like locks with a dainty daisy chain or a beautiful vintage hair pin for an extra touch of  magic.

For the bride who idolises pin-up princesses like the seductive Dita Von Teese, experiment to find your favourite rockabilly up-do. Walk the aisle with a head of victory rolls and bouquet-matching flower tucked behind your ear. Be sure to take very good care of your hair in the lead up to the wedding. The key to amazing victory roll styles is loads of shine! If you want to have your mane out for the evening, get your hairdresser to create some 50's style finger waves in a dramatic side part. Add a punchy red lip and you'll be reminiscent of modern day vintage vixens Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift.