vintage decor


A vintage wedding can have that extra element of sentimentality as it gives you the chance to surround yourself and your loved ones with items from the past that symbolise your lives, your families and your adventures together. There are loads of hire companies with beautiful vintage stocks to help you account for numbers when it comes to quirky glasses, antique cutlery, napkin holders etc. You can't be expected to find your entire set up in your parents attic! Use this chance however to mix some of your own distinctive vintage find and heirlooms with hired supplies to put your own spice on things. 

vintage decor

Mismatched candle holders look great lining long banquet tables or dotted around at random. Sit holders of different heights next to each other to give layers of romantic flickering light and scattered shadows and shapes. To clean up old candle holders caked with wax, hold a butter knife with a towel and gently heat up the end. Use the warmed tip to gently pry off pieces of wax. 

What better way to personalise your reception than with your own photos? Use brown string and wooden pegs to make a garland of happy memories across your room. Visit second-hand stores and raid their boxes of old photo frames to find some lovely vintage finds to decorate the gift table and walls of the reception. Polaroid cameras lend an awesome retro vibe to any party. Put a camera next to your guest book, get your loved ones to take a photo of themselves. Get them to pin their photos on a giant wedding photo board or toss them into an antique suitcase or treasure chest for you to rummage through later. You can also look into hiring an old school photo booth for the evening!

Make your table centre-pieces something extra special and quirky. Use coloured wooden or rought iron birdcages to house your flowers. If you rather low and long arrangements, find old wooden serving trays and fill them with a mix of chunky native blooms, moss and succulents. Find or hire some old dark medicine bottles, fill them with flowers and dot them down tables. Scatter  pastel conversation love-heart candies around settings for the child-like sweet-tooth in all of us!