venue selection


A chic, modern wedding must have a party setting of the same nature. Wedding planners advise allocating your hunt anywhere between six months to a year. When searching for the ideal reception where you and your guests will celebrate in style there are several crucial considerations to look at. How many guests will you be inviting? Is there enough parking? Do you want a formal dining setting? Does the venue supply catering and beverage packages, and if so, will you feel restricted be these? Is the dance floor appropriately sized for when your super-fly cousin starts breakdancing?

Generally, you'll feel whether the venue is right or wrong on first sight. Go with your gut instinct, but don't skimp on the important details!

modern venue


Hotels can provide that extra touch of class to a reception. They're also super handy if you have international guests trekking out for the party, or if you and your new husband decide to stay the night before the honeymoon. Often you can get a good rate on rooms if you book a few at once. It's a great way to eliminate drink driving dangers and avoid expensive taxis. It's also a nice option as guests have somewhere to relax and re-glam between ceremony and reception.

Country Clubs

Country clubs provide fantastic settings for weddings, particularly if you want to hold the ceremony and reception in one place. Hold your ceremony on the pristinely tended to lawns. Your guests can have drinks in the bar and play a few rounds of Bocce while you have photos done. Then take the party inside to the restaurant or function room. Clubs generally have great facilities for your bridal party to get ready in and accommodation for you after. And if you're lucky, a lavish spa in which to get pampered so that you're the definition of relaxed for your honeymoon plane ride the next day. 


For those extraordinarily particular about holding a reception in exactly their style, a marquee is a great choice. If held on a private property, your guests may dance until dawn, unrestricted by venue time frames. A good marquee company can provide options regarding flooring (you don't want your guests getting their Manolo's stuck in the lawn all evening), heating, tables and chairs, lighting and decoration. For at home weddings you may be able to connect the marquee to the building, whereby making the most of any beautiful architecture or convenient facilities. Bare in mind, a marquee celebration often calls for much more attention to detail from you, so give yourself plenty of time to cover all bases.

Something a little different...

If you're always ahead of the trends, rocking styles before they grace the catwalk, listening to bands before they hit the mainstream, you may want to think outside the box when it comes to your reception! To really make an impact and host a once in a lifetime experience, search your city for somewhere unusual. Give your big day that futuristic feel and have it at an aquarium! Guests can get up close and personal with rays and gropers (no, not your weird uncle Murray) while they sip champagne in the dream like blue ambiance. Just be sure not to select a seafood menu. Bit rude. Art galleries and museums can provide beautiful architecture and great backdrops of exhibition works to your celebrations. If you're a modern girl with a love for all things nautical, look into a cruise reception on the bay. Boats can often take up to 100 guests for cocktail style, less for formal dining. Feel like the ultimate in high society as you toast bubbles on the deck under a starry sky and sing drunken sailor shanties into the wee hours of the morning.

Choose a setting for your reception that you are comfortable with, that gives off the wedding image you're looking for straight away. Take your time in your search, you'll know when you've stumbled upon your dream venue!