unique entertainment


If you want your wedding day to be part family celebration part show time extravaganza there's a huge industry out there for you to wade through. Keep your guests in the dark about the reception entertainment and wait for the surprised faces and applause!


Make an entrance to remember with some hired drummers! African drumming companies bring a tribal element to celebrations and often have traditional dancers and fire shows on offer! Middle Eastern style companies will have you feeling like Princess Jasmine with their sword dancers! You can also look into belly dancers, break dancers and mauritian scarf dancers to get your guests into a booty shaking mood.

Roll up! Roll up! For the wedding of a lifetime complete with jugglers, acrobats and more! You'll be blown away by the mini-circus acts you can hire to give your reception that fairy floss feel. Wait until main course is over before giving the Ring Master MC the cue to introduce the sword swallowers!

Add a literal element of magic to your wedding with a hired magician or two. Between scrumptious courses they can wander from table to table entertaining guests with slight of hand card tricks, pulling coins out of kids ears and rabbits out of handbags!

Forget the bouquet toss! Guests can find out who will be the next lucky guy and girl with a wedding fortune teller! Hired fortune tellers can bring a mysterious touch of clairvoyance to your party. Palm and card readers, crystal ball gazers and astrologers. You're gorgeous single cousin will be planning her own wedding before the night is over! 

Celebrity look alikes, singing waiters and fire blowers. Go for shock factor to leave that lasting impression on your guests and have an out of this world wedding reception as you kick back and enjoy the show!