Make your way between vintage ceremony and reception in appropriate style. Trawl through the countless options of vintage transport available for you, your spouse and your wedding party. 

Vintage Wedding Car

Horse Drawn Carriage

For those of us not fussed by wheels, be the ultimate princess bride and look into horse drawn carriages! If you can't be Cinderella today of all days, then when?? If you're lucky enough to have a still, sunny day (and some serious industrial strength hairspray!) make your marital journey with an open top carriage. Red leather interior detail and a top hatted driver will have you feeling like royalty as you relax to the clip-clop of the horses on your way to the ball. Carriages are often hired out based on several hour blocks charging more by the extra kilometre, so get to comparing prices in your area.

License to Cruise

Not a fan of the wind in your perfectly poofed hair? Have no fear of losing your antique hairpiece and feel like a Bond girl as your groom takes you to the party in a classic 1964 Aston Martin DB5. An absolutely timeless piece of gear, the vintage Aston Martin is a two seater, so you'll get a little alone time with your favourite person in the world in between the crowds. Just be sure to leave the shaken martinis until you don't have to drive this expensive vehicle again!

Rom-Com Dream

Feel like a couple of rebellious teenagers wagging class in a red hot Ferrari GT250 ala Ferris Bueller's Day Off! Be the coolest newly wed'ed cats on the block as you hit the road in retro Ray Bans on your way to your grown up party.

All aboard!

For your entourage of vintage guys and gals, look into bus hire! A Leyland 1960's coach will have you and your crew feeling like the cast of Almost Famous hitting the road for a rowdy rock tour. Make a shagadelic entrance with the Magic Bus Company, catering to your transport needs with psychedelic decorated buses in every colour of the rainbow! Or make your way in a teetering double decker bus! Pile your groomsmen and bridesmaids into this British icon. Watch the ones daring enough to take the top front seat cling onto the rails and squeal as it takes the corners! Most buses are hired out by the hour, in three hour blocks.

A Vision on Two Wheels

For the Mod bride donning a short 70's style frock on her big day, for the girl without a care in the world, and a wild side who loves the wind in her hair, why not look into scooter hire? Transport doesn't get much more vintage chic than cruising around on a pastel Vespa! Feel like a local signorina bride cruising the streets of Rome. You do need a license for these babies though so be sure to read up and get loads of practice!

Before you set your heart on any mode of transport, consider some important elements of your wedding. Do you want to be able to relish in an entirely chauffeured experience? Do you want to arrive separately at the church and together at the ceremony? Will you be having photos in between, and if so, will this cost more due to extra distance and hours? Also, where will you park your spectacular Double Decker?? Weigh it all up and thoroughly compare prices for each set of wheels...or hoofs.