the healthy bride


We all want to look our best on the big day; have that healthy glowing skin, blindingly white Hollywood teeth, hair so shiny that strangers on the street need to actively restrain themselves from patting you. Now you may already be one of those health-kick fiends that I'm friends with, but if you're not, here are some simple handy hints and tips to tweaking your regime to get you looking and feeling extra fabulous.

healthy bride

The early bird

After an eight hour day chained to your desk/computer/children, going to the gym can be the hardest thing in the WORLD to get motivated to do. If your engine starts to cough and splutter in the afternoon, try to become that crazy morning person! Even twenty minutes of light jogging, at home yoga (jump on youtube, there's some great routines!) or a few laps of a pool will boost your energy levels, metabolism and mood for the day. Get your man into your routine if you can. Everyone works better with a work-out buddy! And this way you have the entire evening to relax (...and drink wine). 

Lean and green!

After your morning workout, while you're still feeling like a little iron woman, whip up a quick and easy green smoothie. They're super simple to make and a fantastic way to get a healthy dose of iron into your day without having to labour through mounds of raw vegies. Be wary of the wave of juice bars dotting our streets and shopping centres. Whilst their juices and smoothies may be delicious, they're also very often chock FULL of sugar. Not only will you be downing the same amount of calories as a large meal, you'll probably crash super hard, super fast! Try blending a decent handful of baby spinach (don't worry, I promise you won't taste it!), an egg, a third to a half of a banana, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, a few raw almonds or a teaspoon of natural peanut butter and a handful of ice-cubes to any milk of your choice. The egg gives you a great shot of natural protein and will make the texture of your shake deliciously frothy. Honestly, it's delicious. Like having dessert for breaky!

Pearly whites

On mornings where you just wanna read the paper in your PJ's and leave sweating it out for another time, give your teeth a bit of an at home whitening treatment. Oil pulling is the latest natural beauty craze to be sweeping online forums. There are countless publications on the practice (I enjoyed the Wellness Warrior's piece on it In summary, you take about a tablespoon of organic clean oil, coconut for example, and swish it around your gums and teeth for five minutes or so. This process is meant to draw out or “pull” bacteria from in between the teeth, whereby leaving you with a cleaner mouth, whiter teeth and healthier gums. Just be sure not to swallow the oil at the end. Ew.

Midas touch

Now when I suggest weekly massages to people I am often bombarded with responses of “Ooooh, champagne taste!” and “I'm not made of money you know!”. Unfortunately neither am I, but thankfully this doesn't stop me from getting what is probably one of my favourite things in the world. Massages, be they luxurious head to toe candle lit hot stone episodes, or simply your friend or partner rubbing your shoulders for a few minutes, are incredibly beneficial in so many ways. Increased circulation to the muscles is great for when you've been running around frantically, studying or hunched over at a desk all day. You've probably also got a million wedding related bits and bobs flying around your head in the lead up to the big day. Use this tiny part of your day as a little meditation. Focus on your breath and the relaxing treat you're getting (if it's not so relaxing, well there's a little exercise in team work for you and your betrothed!). You'll be amazed at how a few minutes can turn you into a little zen bridal-buddha and have you sleeping like a baby.

These are just a few suggestions to get you on your way, but of course any form of exercise regime, diet, or other health associated changes should always be undertaken after an assessment with your Doctor and Health Practitioners. Seek professional advice first to design your own personalised healthy routine!