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If you were the girl stepping out in peplum skirts, sultry plum lipstick and Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers in 2012, if you spend hours of an evening trolling fashion blogs and Pinterest, and are glued to the cut-throat antics of Joan River's “Fashion Police” every week, chances are you're the fashion forward bride-to-be. A modern wedding makes an impact on all who attend. It's high fashion, fresh, fun, and unforgettable. And once again, the options are absolutely endless.

modern wedding dress

A great source for on-trend fashion inspiration for your big day is to head straight to the red carpet shots of the year. The beauty of this is that you're most likely seeing the result of a collaboration of stylists, designers and make-up artists in one look.

One massive trend on the 2012 carpets this year was Baroque detail. Depicting the Renaissance art works of the 16th and 17th centuries, this beautiful embroidery features in the Fall collection of Dolce & Gabbana in exquisite golds and blacks. The florals and majestic feel of this trend give a certain romanticism, a certain drama to any dress. To update this somewhat Marie Antoinette detail, be on the look out for modern cut dresses with bodice embroidery, stiff lace high collared designs and embellished shoulder detail. 

A short glimpse into Vera Wang's latest Spring collection is all one needs to fall in love with another trend taking over the bridal fashion scene. Layering is a beautiful way to create volume and impact with your dress while at the same time flattering any figure (and what girl doesn't love that “swish, swish” noise when she's walking around in a dress fit for a queen?). Cascading un-even skirts of shell-like layers give a beautiful mermaid feel to these designs. Combined with bandage style bodices and peek-a-boo backs, this is a cutting edge collection to get your wedding fashion senses tingling.

Gracing many a matrimonial cat-walk these days are more structured gowns. One shouldered styles with elaborate rigid bow detail from Caroline Herrera. Halter-neck bodices made entirely of rosettes by Carla Zampatti. These designs are perfect for the independent and confident modern day bride who wants to add an edge to her look. Jump online (oh, you're already here!), grab some fashion magazines, get some clippings and take them on your wedding gown hunts to find which trend suits your body type and personality best.