the day before


So it's the day before your dream wedding. No doubt the last few months seem to have flown by at lightning pace! You've organised and confirmed everything (with the help of the “I do in a day” team!) down to the last detail. Your brain has been running on over drive for the past few weeks and you've been falling asleep with bonbonniere and bouquets dancing around in your head! With a mere 24  hours before you're walking your stunning self down that aisle, take your planning cap off. Every bride-to-be will benefit from some pre-wedding r'n'r to clear her mind in preparation for the wonderful day ahead. You may now switch out of bride mode, and into zen mode...

relaxed love

What better way to relax those weary muscles than with a swedish relaxation massage? Find your nearest beauty salon or massage clinic and book in pronto! Even twenty minutes of treatment can have the most beneficial effects on your body and mind. Book in for a late afternoon session and you'll probably have one the best night sleeps ever! Enquire about hot stone treatments and feel any tensions melt away under the smooth river stones and warm essential oils. If you're the kind of person that delights in a bit of rigorous trigger point pain, I would advise against it the day before your wedding! It is common for deep tissue massage patients to pull up rather sore the day after treatment, and it's not uncommon to suffer bruising also. We can't have you black and blue in your wedding frock!

If your favourite way to morph into chill-mode is by being with your best friends, spend the day before your wedding with your favourite girls. Take a little drive to a nearby beach somewhere. Soak up some much needed Vitamin D (don't you DARE forget your sunscreen) and salt water. It's amazing how a little bit of sunshine can put things into perspective. Or, spend the day in your PJ's having an at home spa session. DIY pedicures, glossy magazines and a few pots of herbal tea. Try soothing tea varieties like chamomile, white green tea or chai with little manuka honey. Yummy!

And who's to say you can't spend the day before with your groom-to-be? It's easy for couples to get stressed and lost amongst the maze that is wedding planning. You may choose to spend day with each other doing something silly and fun. Go for a bike ride somewhere, a drive down the coast perhaps, or simply spend the day cuddled up watching your favourite movies. Forget about planning today and remember why you decided to do all of this in the first place!

Taking this last 24 hours to do something meditative is really important for the soul. It's a great way to ensure that when you wake up on your big day, you're one cool, calm and collected woman, ready to marry the man of her dreams!