spring wedding


Spring has most certainly sprung! Mornings are greeting us with golden sunshine rather than frosty windscreens. The world is waking up from it's annual slumber and entering a time of year perfect for celebrations of new beginnings and happiness. Spring time weddings are blossoming celebrations of freshness and vitality.

Spring Flowers

We naturally associate Spring weddings with oodles of flowers. Blooms cascading from every centrepiece, petals down every aisle, a picture of pastel wedding perfection. There are however, plenty of couples out there that are not so fond of the floral wedding extravaganza. If this is you, embrace the freshness of the season with greenery and whites. Use bright wheatgrass and succulents mixed with marbled kale flowers for centrepieces that really pop against white linen. For the bridal bouquet, mix white Tuberoses with some vivid green Helleborus and plenty of fresh green foliage. Use winding green vines and leaves to decorate your reception venue.

Spring time flavours lead us away from the heavy richness of Winter warmer menus and towards lighter, brighter tastes. Citrus fruits are at their best during these glowing months. Characterise your menu with flavours of lemon, orange and grapefruit. A pink grapefruit iced wedding cake would taste simply divine with a crisp glass of bubbles! Use invigorating herbs like dill, chervil and parsley to give your main courses some mouthwatering aromatics.

Those extra rays of warming sunshine means hemlines can be higher, suits can be more colourful and shoulders a little bare. Experiment with some bright pops of colour in your attire for the big day! Sky blue cravats and some funky striped suit socks for the gentlemen. Daisy chain crowns and  mix-and-matched coloured tea dresses for your bridesmaids. Whether your wedding is formal or informal, Spring is a fun time of year when many of us are well over due to kick our heels up and celebrate. Ask our wonderful I do in a Day consultants for their assistance in making your wedding your own personal Spring fling to celebrate your love for each other with mother natures new beginnings.

Spring Wedding