social media ban


Yes, you can survive the social media wedding ban!

Here it is, the big day that you’ve planned down to the very last canape. Your makeup artist, a friend of a friend who’s work you fell in love with, is slicking on a final dab of mascara. You can’t wait to slip your toes into those divine grecian jeweled heels you and your maid of honour took months to find. They’re super high, but you’ve been practising walking in them for weeks. As you go to stand up after doing up the ankle clasps however, you get the immediate wobbles, and your freshly curled hair falls across your face, getting stuck in your lipgloss. Eek! You quickly catch yourself on the chair to regain your goddess-like manner before anyone sees.


Little do you know however, the damage is already done. While you were catching yourself from a minor moment of unbalance, your bridesmaids were taking a pre-limo selfie. Before you can say “don’t you dare tag me!” it’s up on Facebook for the social world to see. The outfit of your dreams has graced the screens of your nearest and dearest in a cringe-worthy awkward shot. This is not how you intended to debut your bridal self! This is not the awe-inspiring entrance you had planned! 

This is just one scenario that has couples everywhere increasingly supporting bans on social media during their weddings. They’re called social media or smartphone blackouts to be precise, and while it may feel excessive and unnatural to the digital natives of today, you can’t help but see their reasoning. 

We’ve all been to those family lunches and group catch ups when you look around and realise the amount of people scrolling on their smartphones outweighs those actively engaged in the conversation. Eliminating the distraction of smartphones at a wedding creates a different kind of presence you rarely experience today. As a guest who has experienced a smartphone black out first hand, I can genuinely say I enjoyed it! I found myself noticing everything that little bit more, cherishing each moment more.

It was as if every single element in the breath-taking vineyard ceremony was so much more vivid because my subconscious wasn’t busy thinking how good it would look in a photo. The couple who were getting married that day didn’t rule their wedding with an iron fist though. All they requested was that there be no photos taken during the ceremony specifically and no pictures of the bride or groom to be posted until they had put up the professional shots first. Hardly a big ask from two lovely people who had invited us to wine and dine and dance the evening away with them! 

In addition to the exchanging of the vows, the first dances, first speeches and the kick-upyour- heels party, along with everything else, a wedding is always best with a touch of impact. No one wants their thunder stolen by a below average Facebook photo. Let them have their thunder!

Considering it for your own wedding? Don’t feel like a bride/groomzilla! Instagram will survive without your guests for a few hours. Chances are everyone will have an even more  amazing time if they’re detached from their screens for the evening. One hand for champagne, one hand for cake. What more do they need, really? Ask your always helpful I Do in a Day planners to help you delicately word the request on your invites. These are digital natives you’re dealing with, you may need to be gentle...