rent a crown


When many girls imagine their own wedding days, their head fills with visions of powder pink peonies. Of champagne, of sweeping silk skirts, gents in penguin suits and a feast fit for the gods.

And sparkles. LOTS. OF. SPARKLES.

princess crown 2

The girly-girl bride loves those little glamorous details that pull a bridal outfit together. From the delicate tiara to the vintage Chanel earrings. However, this champagne taste is sadly not always backed by a champagne budget. And personally, I'd hate to imagine my stunning bridal jewellery being packed up and hidden from the world as soon as the day is over (because let's be honest, this is probably the only day that you can wear a tiara in public without looking slightly insane). 

So instead of buying your alluring designer bridal bling, rent it! Along with the car, the crockery and the jazz quartet, you can rent just about any accessory that your heart desires for your wedding ensemble and save your cash for the honeymoon! A lavish Swarovski crystal hair piece can cost anywhere up from $150 retail. Online rental companies offer to lend you these pieces for around half the price! The sites are set up just like online shopping. Browse the categories and add whatever tickles your fancy to your shopping trolley. Once you've checked that what you've chosen is available for your wedding day, you'll need a credit card for a security deposit.  Then once all the boxes are checked, your accessories will arrive a few days prior to your big day! Return guidelines will be different for every company (don't get too attached to it!), but often you will be provided with a pre-paid postal envelope. 

Jewellery rental is an awesome way to indulge your diva-esque obsession for the day. It's a great way to really get that princess feel without the need for a royal budget! Save your money for more important things (like all those honey moon cocktails) without having to sacrifice your sparkle!