reception bites


For a romantic rustic garden reception, use rich, fresh produce to fill the bellies of your loved ones. There's nothing better than a delicious, picnic style spread to soak up the local vino and cider being served at your wedding feast beneath the trees.

outdoor wedding bites

Having a Summer lunch time wedding? Source some smokey roast ham and organic herbed chicken from the local butcher. Scope out your favourite seafood suppliers for some freshly caught and prepared crayfish and prawns. Serve these cold alongside mounds of salad, fresh crusty breadsticks and a rainbow of sauces for a spectacular Summer buffet. If you want to avoid people balancing plates on crossed legs, find a deli that will make up some french baguettes with different fillings like chicken, pear and brie; roast lamb and caramelised onion; and classic Caprese salad.

For a cocktail garden wedding, make it easy for your guests to look elegant whilst indulging, by serving fork and talk style food. Finger food is served in individual bowls, boxes and cocktail spoons, making it super simple to eat without getting dipping sauce all over your finery! Find fun printed paper to make cones and fill with sweet potato chips. Serve mini wagu burgers on skewers and noodle boxes of Caesar or thai beef salad with a bamboo fork.

Dot your wedding site with ice filled antique garden buckets or half wine barrels to keep boutique beers, champagne and soda chilled. You can add some eye popping colour to your settings with antique style glass drink dispensers filled with brightly coloured organic juices!