picnic wedding


If you and your partner want a casual affair where your guests can kick back at the park, feel the cool grass between their toes in between sips of cider, you may be considering a wedding picnic! Disregard any expectations you feel calls for a formal sit down reception and let your guests relax on a beautiful lawn somewhere, no high heels required.

picnic wedding reception

Pick a patch of lawn

No need for those complicated and stressful seating arrangements! Ask your guests to BYO picnic rug. Have a bunch ready to go just in case you still run short. They can double as blankets in case the weather gets a bit nippy. Be sure to have a few chairs available as well for elderly family and friends.

A picnic wedding does not mean you have to go without beautiful reception decoration and centre-pieces. Find wooden vegetable crates, or go to your closest wineries and grab some half wine barrels to serve as picnic tables. Dot them around the site with low vases of flowers, jars of knives and forks and napkins. 

Balancing Act

The last thing you want at a party where your loved ones are sporting their finery is a red wine spill situation! We've all seen those goofy neck strap wine glasses people wear around food and wine shows all over the country. These will come in handy when your friends are  daintily trying to balance their Cabernet on the grass. Search online for suppliers of some in cute picnic fabrics, or for patterns to make your own to match your colour scheme!

A touch of magic

Nothing sets a magical mood quite like fairy lights. If you're no where near a power outlet, there are battery operated sets available. Stretch them above the heads of your guests to set the mood. Or wind them around surrounding tree trunks so that you can still see the stars when they appear. Go for soft yellow light colours for that romantic glow, or get a bit funky and find crazy shapes and colours like red chillies or love hearts! If you're hesitant to buy lights there are several places that will hire them out for occasions. 


Before the dancing hours set in, leave out a couple of fun picnic games for your guests. A Bocce set on a flat stretch near the picnic area, maybe even some badminton! You'll be surprised how quickly the gents whip their jackets off after a warm up beer or two!

Picnic weddings are always easiest when done at a private property, but parks can be wonderful too. Just be sure to contact the council and get all the proper permissions and guidelines. Take into account any fire-restrictions and risks and be sure that guests are aware of rubbish disposals available. If there are any residences nearby, let them know well in advance that you may be partying into the wee hours of the morning! When all the nitty-gritty details are sorted you can look forward to a marvellous wedding shindig under starry skies!