permission to marry


This post is about love (well, duh). It's about honor and manners. 

Particularly in Australia, we're living in a time where old and new values fuse with cultures from all over the world to create a kaleidoscope of traditions.

Father of the bride

This post about being dapper and respectful. Because if there's one thing that the I do in a Day  team have found to be unarguably timeless, universal across all walks of life, it is that of being a gentleman. 

Being a gentleman will always be in vogue. It's why James Bond is still cool, why Michael Buble wears nothing but suits and why Sinatra's music still melts even the iciest of hearts. Never underestimate the charm in opening a door for a lady or giving up your seat. And never undervalue the tradition of asking her parents for her hand in marriage. 

It is often debated whether or not a groom should still ask permission before proposing to his bride. However I find that these days, he is not so much asking for permission as he is asking for her family's blessing. Whether her family are one of old time tradition or not, in the end this gesture shows that you not only love their daughter, but you care about her entire family. It is best to do this in person. A wedding proposal is not a phone call or email conversation topic! Put your best sleuthing skills to work and organise a secret rendezvous with the parents. It's a simple gesture, with a lot of meaning and value behind it. Who knows, they might even see it coming...