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For the bride with a green thumb or simply a fondness for all things flora, your dream day will take place in a beautiful garden, sun rays streaming through the evergreens and butterflies flitting from place to place setting.  A garden wedding a gorgeous, intimate affair and a wonderful way of incorporating where you're from into your celebrations. Choose a park, a garden or a private property near where you grew up or that simply has a special place in your heart. If you don't have anywhere specific in mind and are simply seduced by the idea of an outdoor wedding, have a look into the following suggestions.

garden ceremony

If you live near a capital city, chances are you're not far from an exquisite Botanical Garden. Botanical gardens are full of quaint little corners, winding paths, water features and perfectly kept lawns for a fairytale wedding. If you're lucky, they may even have a restaurant or historic building that you can hire for your catering needs or even as a back up if Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade. It's also a great chance to provide a continual change of scenery for your guests. Hold your ceremony at a little make-shift alter with garden furniture and a red carpet, or in a quaint little gazebo somewhere. Then have your photos done as your guests take afternoon drinks in the rose garden before heading inside to dine and dance the night away.

Did you grow up surrounded by endless stretches of vines or fall in love over a particular bottle of Pinot Noir? Wine regions are abound with breath-taking views and green pastures perfect for a wedding. Say your vows with acres of leafy chardonnay plants striping the horizon and take peek-a-boo photos amongst them. If you choose to hold your wedding during a cooler time of year, but an inside reception does not appeal, look for wineries that offer or are comfortable with hosting a Marquee on their lawns. Remember to word up any cheeky guests before-hand, no picking the grapes!

Are you a little more animalistic in spirit? Want to get even closer to nature? Look into having a zoo wedding! Walk down the red carpet aisle to the rhythm of calling lyrebirds and chirping monkeys. Say your vows amidst rainforest scenery or Japanese Gardens. Take photos down the elephant trail and steal newly married kisses in the butterfly enclosure. Most local zoo organisations will have a range of wedding packages on offer, and many will have several function rooms to choose from if you decide to head indoors later. 

Whichever venue suits you, remember to always have a back up! You never know what the weather will do on the big day! Having options and back-up plans is the best way to ensure  seamless wonderful wedding proceedings. And in the end, if you do get weather more perfect than you could have asked for, you will at least have set your mind at ease. Fingers crossed!