mr and mrs


It is true, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. When you get married, it's inevitable that the topic of name changing will come up sooner or later. Will you take his? Keep yours? Will he take yours?

mr and mrs

For many couples, the notion of marriage is a scary change in itself. The walk down the aisle into a new life can see us clinging to our last name like a piece of identity and this is fair enough. The name changing decision is an extremely personal one and there are many reasons behind the various choices newly weds will make.

For some, career is the decision maker. Those who have built a professional reputation largely recognised by their pre-marriage surname may choose to abstain from changing, or simply keep their original surname in professional environments. 

For others, their second name is a sentimental issue, maintaining a link between themselves and their family. In this case, a couple may decide against changing all together or hyphenating.

Then we come across the family element of the conversation. If a couple has children, will the whole family have the same name? Is that something that is important to you?

Then there are some that simply dislike their last name, or his! In researching this piece we came across a gentleman named Mr. Morgan, who said he once dated a girl named Morgan. You wouldn't blame her for keeping her maiden name!

Whatever decision you make, remember this. Change or no change, it does not mean you're negating who you are. Whether or not you want to go under the same team name for the rest of your lives is totally up to you (if anything it'll make monogramming the bathrobes a whole lot simpler!). You may even wait and decide to do it later, or not! Either way, when you do get married you are making a decision to share a life together. A title means little when you are happy and in love.