movie weddings


They say life is a fairytale. And despite the ups and downs of the real world and the lack of pumpkin carriages at times, we at I Do in a Day like to believe that this is so. The stories and movies that are a part of our cultures can often play a huge part in who we are today. Looking back, it seems as though 2014 was a year of, not just fairy tales, but movie inspired weddings. We cant wait to see if this trend continues into 2015.


Early last year, images started gracing our Pinterest feed of the most adorable Wizard of Oz themed wedding. Held in an old time theme park based on the movie, the American couple strode down the yellow brick road, through Munchkin Land and the Haunted Forest to the altar. And before you ask, stop. Just stop. Of course she was wearing them; and they were ruby red, timeless and fabulous for getting oneself home after long journeys.

In October 2014 the most fantastical Little Mermaid themed wedding graced our screens in the office, the bride’s fire red hair popping in shots with delicate sherbert and coral palettes. Everything from the beach-side setting to the seashell macarons gave testament to our favourite under-the-sea classic. We were just waiting for some shots of dancing crustaceans at the reception.

In November 2014, two die-hard Batman fans dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn to be married by the Dark Knight himself. Their guests took to the theme like fish to water, dressing as their own favourite superheroes. This meant the guest list included many of our childhood favourites such as Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bane and Wolverine. The bride was walked down the aisle by a very proud Ironman who we’re certain was shedding a few tears behind his helmet.

And today for those of us who love a fairytale with a darker side, we stumbled upon a mystical wedding shoot styled on Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent. OK, this wasn’t a real wedding, just a styled shoot, but you must agree; a wedding complete with feathered wings and pixie flower girls is nothing short of a real life fairytale.

Too often it feels as though we are reminding ourselves that life is not like the movies. We are so wrapped up in the reality of our day to day lives and keeping up with everything and everyone, that we forget that a little magic sometimes needs to be created if it cannot simply be found. A movie or story inspired wedding can do just that. And it’s magic can in turn benefit not only you, but all of your loved ones. Go on, take a chance. Find that story that you know gives a little skip to your heart beat and a little sparkle to your soul (just like the person you’re going to wed!). Dress like an elven princess, walk down the aisle with Han Solo, or eat Tiffany blue wedding cupcakes wearing pearls and black sunglasses ala Miss Golightly. Look to Hollywood for your inspiration or simply embrace what you and your soul mate already absolutely love. Don’t worry, our I Do in a Day wedding planners are absolute movie buffs. Who knows what kind of magical world your guests will find themselves stepping into come the wedding day...