memoirs of a bridesmaid


It’s a role that every bestfriend vies for. The role of fashion critique, event planner, event planner assistant. The role of MC, communications liaison & therapist in stilettos. Not to mention that of cake & wine taster, veil adjuster, train carrier, lipstick toucher-uper-er and coffee maker. The bridesmaid is a fabulous role! Yes, it can be hectic. Yes, it can be stressful. Yes, you might end up in a vibrant marmalade coloured chiffon monstrosity (but, surely not, if you do your job right). But being a bridesmaid is an honour and it’s super-dooper fun. There are some skills that you’ll need in your repertoire to fulfill your duties as the bride’s support network. Take note of the following, and we’re sure you’ll rock it...

Bride and her ladies

Stay organised (even if the bride isn’t)

There will be rehearsals, fittings, shopping trips, nail appointments, spray tans, bridal showers, hens nights and all manner of appointments that your presence will be required at in the lead up to the wedding. Keep your organiser up to date (excuse the terrible pun) so that you’re not caught in the lurch or double booked when you need to be at a Kitchen Tea!


The fun and loveliness of being a bridesmaid may or may not cost a penny or two. Either way it pays to keep a budget in mind and talk about expenses, so that the rest of the bridal party are on the same page. Things like hens nights can add up quickly, and you don’t want fusses over money to be getting in the way of celebrations!

Always wear your listening cap

Weddings bring families together, often leading to tension or friction. Make sure you give the bride your undivided attention as her own personal therapist when she needs. No doubt she is in about six minds trying to please everyone, organise everyone and still achieve that fairytale picture perfect wedding she’s always dreamed of. Let the girl vent!

Honesty is (not always) the best policy

When it comes to “does my bum look big in this?” or “does this lime green chair ribbon clash with the purple centrepieces?” honesty is absolutely the best policy. In these instances, your bride needs you to be her impartial judge. On the other hand, when it comes to sensitive topics such as “is this first dance song too corny?” or “am I asking too much?”, best to take the tender approach. Smile, reassure and remind her that you’re backing her up all the way.

Hostess with the mostest

Be it the flower girl’s nails on the morning of the big day or getting the mother-of-the-bride another calming glass of wine. Your babysitter/hostess skills will be greatly appreciated. Make the make-up artist coffees, take the photographers bottles of water and help the mother-in-law decide which lipstick shade to go with. Manage the proceedings so the bride can sit back and be pampered.

Last minute bits and pieces

Every single wedding will have last minute needs to be filled. Be prepared to do a bit of frantic running around in the week leading up to the wedding. Trust us, it’s helpful to be aware of where the nearest 24-hour Target stores are. Around this time it is not uncommon to get requests for things like jewellery for the bridal party, seam-free underwear, suit or dress alterations or white thongs for when bridal toes get sore from high heels!

Be the bride’s cheerleader

It’s her big day, she’s getting married, of course she’ll be on top of the world! But the day can be overwhelming and exhausting no less. You’re probably a tad worn out at this point too, face sore from smiling through endless photos. But remember, as bridesmaids, you are the bride’s cheerleading squad. You need to bring the pep! Stay positive! Make sure she’s smiling, hydrated and loving life. Intercept hassling relatives, carry her bouquet and maneuver her extraordinarily long dress train over that mucky patch of garden (at least until the groomsmen join you). You’re team bride, look after your girl!

For assistance planning all the amazing events leading up to your own or your friend’s wedding, contact our I Do in a Day office now. We can’t wait to join your wedding support team!