managing pre-wedding stress


We have met countless brides, through our work and our personal experiences here at I Do in a Day, who are not the happy glowing brides they should be. It is unfortunately common that brides and grooms these days experience extraordinary and unnecessary stress in the lead up to the wedding. Sometimes the issues we come across whilst planning a wedding are unavoidable; family clashes, lack of time, lack of resources and money. Be they preventable or otherwise, the best way to deal with pre-wedding stress is to always stay focused on the big picture. Before you start planning, list the things that you currently do to unwind and keep perspective. Now is not the time to become an overnight yogi if you’ve never taken a yoga class in your life!


Resist booking yourself out
We’re not being sexist here, but this is typically a bride habit. We tend to expect too much from ourselves, and in turn, under-rate essentials like sleep and relaxation. Your partner may notice this as you become ships in the night, or when all you can talk about is reception menus and matching cufflinks. This is where our I Do in a Day team can be your super stars! Use your time to focus on the important things like family, work and of course, being happy! And let us do the running around for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Often, brides that come to us have the mindset that they need to achieve everything on their own. You are not superwoman! Aside from enlisting our amazing services to help you, you might be pleasantly surprised at how willing your friends and family are to help! Everyone loves the chance to contribute to the wedding of their loved ones. It makes the day feel all the more personal and special.

No matter what, keep perspective
No doubt there will be moments during the planning where you will get tunnel visioned.. It will feel like the end of the world if you can’t hire that hilarious celebrant from your cousin’s wedding, or your sister-in-law from New York can’t get time off to fly over for the event. Family members will often get upset if they’re not doing a reading or made part of the bridal party. We know it’s difficult, but don’t let these things get you down. The big picture at the end is the fact you’re marrying your best friend, and no matter what, that will make everything feel perfect.

Stress is no one’s friend. We don’t want thoughts of your wedding to induce feelings of worry and fretting. It’s the most exciting, beautiful, best day of your life! Take the above advice and enjoy planning your wedding. Call our I Do in a Day planners now to chat about how we can help eliminate your pre-wedding stress. We can’t wait to help!