love notes


 When it comes to your wedding reception, you'll be the very best hosts! You'll get to every table, thank every relative and friend and listen to some words of wisdom from every married couple present. 

 Think again!

I love you

If you're having a medium to large wedding, chances are you'll be very caught up in the wedding wave and various elements of your big day. One-on-one time with every guest is simply not doable. This is OK! Guests understand that this is a big event. You should be able to relax and enjoy yourself in between speeches and bouquet throws!

Besides the hundreds of wonderful photos you will have to look back on, it's nice to take away a little advice from your wedding day; some personal words to warm your heart which help you as you and your partner begin married life. I do in a Day came across a lovely idea for you to have exactly this, without spending your entire wedding reception “doing the rounds” and taking notes! 

On each place setting, have a card that says something along the lines of ; “My advice for the bride and groom...” or “The secret to a happy marriage is...”. Underneath this line leave space for each person to write their names and a few lines that they believe will contribute to a happy, love filled future. Be sure to put some pens on each table also. Find some elegant pens to get personalised and they can double as wedding favours! Place a box for card collection somewhere at your wedding reception.

You'll have the nicest time going through these beautiful words of love from your nearest and dearest when you get back from your honeymoon. Ask our I do in a Day wedding planners to find some wedding stationary that will team with your own beautiful wedding theme!