kitchen tea


How many of you thought you were Mr & Mrs Organised when you moved out of home for the first time? You had your linens sorted, your cutlery and crockery sparkling new and your flashy appliances revving to be used for the first time. All went smoothly until you realised you didn't have all those little essentials you took for granted at home! Details like clothes pegs, ice cube trays, tea towels, napkins, all those minor things that you just can't improvise! For those moving into the marital abode for the first time, a Kitchen Tea before your wedding will save future dinner guests from warm drinks and wet dishes...

kitchen tea

A Kitchen Tea is one of the many fun parties in the lead up to a wedding. It differs from the Bridal Shower in that the gifts given and games played are all kitchen based. Gifts are typically smaller and simpler than a Bridal Shower. Think little essentials like: Mixing bowls, baking tins, cooking utensils, oven Mits, tea towels and tupperware. You could have more of a grocery theme and bring pantry items like different pastas,  dried fruits and nuts and herbs and spices. This is also a wonderful chance to pass on old favourite recipes to the young bride. Ask each guest to bring a favourite recipe that the bride can put in a cooking folder to keep. 

Kitchen Tea Games

Harness that rush you're all on from those cupcakes and coffees and get into the competitive spirit with these kitchen themed games!

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

An oldie but a goodie! Split your guests into small groups and nominate a “bride” from each. Each team is armed with five rolls of toilet paper and has ten minutes to “dress” their bride. The real bride then picks the winning dress makers. Trust us, you'll be amazed at the incredible veil creations you can forge with a sturdy brand of 2-ply!

The Tea Test

Put your guests senses of smell to the test! Purchase some classic and some not so classic teas. Brew them up and place each in a numbered tea cup around a table. Give each guest a numbered list so that they can guess each tea by smelling. Weekend markets sell some delicious exotic teas you won't find on supermarket shelves like crème brulee, turkish apple and cinnamon and even Pina Colada!

Fluffy Bridal Bunny

For the bride who is a child at heart! Beware, this game can get a bit messy, but my gosh it is hilarious! The aim is to get as many marshmallows into your mouth as possible and be able to say “Here comes the bride” without spluttering up those pink and yellow mallows! The one with the highest number of marshys is the winner (this one's probably best done outside!).

If you're not one for games and competition, but still want to have a nice activity to get into the party spirit, you could have a day of cupcake decorating. Ask each guest to bring their own apron and set up an icing bar with cupcakes, piping bags and spatulas, frostings, cake toppers and sprinkles. You'll all be a delicious sugary mess by the end! Provide little cupcake boxes so that everyone can take home their creations.

Traditionally the Kitchen Tea is an afternoon tea wedding affair, as opposed to the shower which is more of a party. It's another chance for friends and family from either side of the couple to get to know each other before the big day. Think lady-like high-tea style. Whip up some jugs of ice tea with fresh mint leaves and a dash of rose essence for a thirst quencher along side coffee. Offer light finger foods like triangle sandwiches, mini quiches and a rainbow selection of macaroons. Ask your girlfriends to bring a couple of gourmet dips and some lovely fresh fruit to help out with catering. Hire a couple of matching cake stands and glass jars for the afternoon and colour coordinate some cute stripy straws and napkins. You'll have your own professional looking mini buffet!