intimate wedding


When we think about weddings, many of us tend to immediately flash to images of grandeur; massive parties, guest list and seating arrangement break downs, and in some cases, flying relatives from interstate. Perhaps you prefer the other end of the spectrum. A small scale wedding is perfect for those of us who dream of intimate “I do's”. After all, your marriage is about you and your partner, and you should celebrate it however the two of you wish.

Intimate Wedding

A wedding with a small or non-existent guest list does not mean it will lack lustre or celebration in any sense. Embrace the freedom of your choice and dream up some amazing locations to get married! Let your mind wander out of the city, down from the mountains and across an ocean to that tropical paradise that smells of wild frangipani and coconut oil; where your nine-to-five lifestyles are a distant memory and the demands of home are drowned out by the peaceful flow of the tides.

A private beach wedding is the ultimate in romantic settings with the added bonus that you're already on your honeymoon when you're at the alter! Scope out your dream beach location thoroughly. Nothing worse than booking your trip in the middle of wet season, or worse, the middle of tourist season!! Many companies will offer a wedding-honeymoon package to make organising ceremonies and accommodation incredibly easy for you.

If you're heading out of Australian waters, you'll first need to research wedding laws in your chosen location. This will need to be done prior to anything else and is often dealt with by an appointment at the local registry office when you arrive.

The politics of a small wedding can be tricky. A good way to deal with the back-lash you may receive from family members who aren't terribly impressed that they won't be present at your nuptials, is to organise a post-wedding party! It doesn't have to be a reception style gathering. It could be something as simple as drinks at your home, a casual little BBQ or a dinner out somewhere. Either way it is nice to acknowledge your new communion in front of those who love you the most...if for no other reason than to show off your new wedding ring against your fabulous tropical tan!