giving back


Planning your wedding is a journey on which you will learn so much about yourself and your partner and what you hold dear. But what if there is something else that rings true to your soul, like a charitable cause that you've always felt strongly about? What if you could use your wedding day to make this world a little bit better? On your wedding day, you may choose to share your celebrations to make someone else’s life that little bit brighter...

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Increasingly, couples will set up a wedding wishing well at their reception for gifts of money instead of presents or having a registry. You might consider setting up a charity wishing well at your wedding. Send a little request card with your invites with some information about your chosen organisation. You could also send an envelope with it for the day to make the process super easy for your guests.

Another lovely option is to use your budget for bonbonniere to make a donation to your favourite charity. Where gifts would otherwise be, use place cards to inform guests of your donation made in their honour. Some not-for-profits, such as OXFAM, give you the option of buying a goat or a duck for a remote community. This gives your donation a lovely story for your guests and means your contribution on their behalf will continue giving after it is made, producing milk and eggs for the receiving family. That’s a sure way to make your guests feel warm and fuzzy!

Some organisations, such as RISE and Wesley Mission in Australia, rely on donations of food to help in the fight against hunger and poverty. Why not combine your wedding reception with a food drive? Just imagine the wonderful care package you could create with the help of all your friends and family! Ask your I Do in a Day consultant to contact organisations for lists of foods they can use to help those in need.

Many brides like to thank their bridesmaids with gifts for their help and support during the lead up to the wedding day. As a token of your gratitude, choose gifts from jewellers that donate a percentage of each purchase to a worthy cause. Alternatively, support local developing businesses like student fashion or jewellery designers by giving pieces from their collections. Chances are they will be wonderfully unique and possibly one-of-a-kind!

Weddings can cost a pretty penny, and some people simply don’t have the means to afford a beautiful dress for their special day. After you’ve enjoyed your gorgeous day in your lovely wedding dress, consider donating it to another blushing bride. You might make someone’s whole year when they purchase your amazing wedding gown from a second hand store! Up and coming fashion students would also love to work with the fabrics used in a gown, so consider donating it to a school or to a young artistic fashionista you know.

Beautiful moments, like those created on your wedding day, are as special as they are because they are shared with those you love the most. Giving that little bit back to the world at the same time means you are sharing not only money or food (or goats!) with someone less fortunate than yourself, but also your joy and love. As the ever wise Burt Bacharach once said, what the world needs now is love, sweet love! If you’d like to combine your wedding day with a charity of your choice, let your I Do in a Day planner know, and we’ll work out how you can share your love with the world...