flowers in season


“Love is like a flower, you've got to let it grow.” - John Lennon

Scent is one of the human brain's strongest triggers of memory. It can take us back to first meetings,  relaxing holidays and romantic proposals. When choosing your flowers for your dream wedding, you'll need to take into account the time of year you are choosing to hold it. 

Green and White Floral arrangement

A Summer bride looking to be surrounded by tropical hues can look at using white and yellow tipped Frangipanis contrasted with deep indigo Iris. For a picture perfect pastel wedding day ask your florist for designs in purple Alliums, Hyacinth, Daisies and Camelias.

Autumn weddings are automatically blessed with beautiful toasted shades of gold, red and burnt orange. This time of year is tulip flowering season. These towering blooms are great for creating elegant, clean cut bouquets and slender centre pieces. And the colour variations at flower farms are almost endless! Also in flower at this time of year are Chrysanthemum flowers, perfect for the modern bride that wants a white on white colour scheme!

Winter weddings dreary and grey? I think not! Even the greyest of winter days can pop with sunshine if you use some in season daffodils in your arrangements. Rain, hail or shine,these happy yellow blooms will ensure nothing but sunny dispositions on your big day or add a royal splash of purple to your proceedings with some gorgeous violets!

The Spring bride has a rainbow of in season flowers to choose from. Choose the cascading Phalaenopsis Orchid for crisp greeny-white tones or loud girly fuschia. Ask your florist about electric blue and purple Singapore orchids, Oriental lilies and Australian natives to add exotic shapes to your bouquet!