flower girls, ring bearers and rabbit collars…


Today, everyone knows that the rose and it’s petals symbolise love and eternity together. These classic, heaven-ly perfumed symbols play a huge role in weddings, Valentines Days and general romancing today. When taking her steps down the aisle, a bride trods delicately on the petals of the rose; a sweet, angelic gesture, as if nature itself were blessing the soon to be made union she is approaching. And who is the delightful little pixie that has laid out these petals? Why, the flower girl of course!


The flower girl has a very important role in your wedding. Besides decorating the aisle with petals in preparation for the bride’s entrance, she is also responsible for, well, looking breathtakingly, “aw”-inducingly adorable and sweet. If the little angel is up to the task, she may also hand out pouches of petals to the crowd to throw at the end of the ceremony. Choosing a flower girl for the big day can be tricky, no one likes playing favourites! Traditionally speaking, the role is played by a young member of the family, between the ages of 5 and 8. Non-traditionally speaking, the flower girl can be anyone.

I was recently part of a wedding where the bride had so many bridesmaids, she asked her best friend to be her flower girl! Erase that picture of a 25 year old woman dressed in a tutu with puffy sleeves and stretchy ballet flats from your mind immediately. This mature aged flower girl wore an elegant cocktail dress in muted tones of pastel pink, and had the honour of walking the aisle just before her best friend said “I do”. Being a couple of decades older also meant mid-aisle tantrums and bouts of last minute shyness were a non-issue!

The same principle goes for the ring bearer, typically played by a young strapping lad of the family around the 7 year mark. Though I’m yet to see a mature age ringbearer, I have often seen the best man take on this role himself. Again, this type of age difference tends to eliminate the need for precautionary measures in the event that the little one is overwhelmed by the proceedings (generally). However, it also eliminates the chance to “oooh” and “aah” over a little guy in a suit, and who doesn’t love that?! At the other end of the spectrum I have been to at least two weddings where this role is played by the (very well trained) family dog and been told tales of at least one where the rings were attached to the collar of a rabbit. Yes, you read right. Rabbit collar. 

I’ll be honest with you. This is one of the I Do in a Day’s team’s favourite parts of wedding planning. Contact your planner today to get start delegating flower girl and ring bearer duties for your own wedding! The fun in finding the perfect little dress with matching garland and petal basket is rivalled only by selecting just the right bow tie for the coolest little dude in your ceremony. And blinging out your family dog/rabbit/sheep’s collar for the role may be little left of centre, but certainly no less adorable! Cue the “ooh’s” and “aah’s”...

Photography | MK Photography