first dance


One of the most romantic wedding memories I have is not the look on the groom's face as he sees his one and only walk down the aisle towards him. It's not of the personalised vows read aloud by the bride, the tear jerking speeches made or of the first kiss as man and wife. My favourite moment took place on the dance floor. This particular couple took us all by surprise when they performed a lustful yet sweet bridal salsa that they had rehearsed to perfection in the previous weeks. We watched as they swept across the dance floor, perfectly in tune with each other's rhythm.

First Dance

Over the months leading up to your wedding, you will constantly have people in your ear and be surrounded by family and friends, consultants, caterers, designers etc etc. Don't forget that this wedding, in the end, is about you and your partner. Attending a few dance classes together before the big day is a nice way to take a break with your lover. It can be a romantic weekly ritual, an hour to just be silly and have a few laughs together and forget about all those plans running through your heads. You may be surprised at how relaxed you feel afterwards! 

Depending on what kind of people you are, you will have to decide what kind of dance class you'd like to take and what you would like to perform on your big day. 

A Wedding Waltz

The bridal waltz is classic, romantic and iconic. When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, she was a talented ballroom dancer. At the time of the royal wedding, the waltz was the on trend dance in ballroom circles everywhere. Aside from being timeless and graceful, this dance is generally good choice if you have gone for the full skirted floor length wedding dress. The waltz is characterised by small travelling steps making it easy to manoeuvre layer upon layer of fabric, and you'll look great swishing and twirling around the dance floor!

Sizzling Salsa

Salsa is super fun to learn! Morph into a sexy senorita as you learn to shake your booty and get into the cuban moves! Salsa is often done to a tropical or South American style of music. If you feel this is not appropriate for your reception or you have a few songs very dear to your heart, ask your instructor to help you choose the right song and choreograph your own personal routine. As the positioning for salsa is a bit closer than that of the waltz, this dance would be better suited to a narrower skirted or fitted dress style.

Sultans of Swing

For couples who like to get the heart rate pumping and the crowds whooping, give your first dance together a bit of up-beat pizazz with swing and be-bop classes! Not only will you have a ball learning these big band moves, you'll get an amazing pre-wedding workout with all those Charleston kicks! With roots in swing era of 1920's downtown Harlem, this genre is great for those rock & roll couples that like to kick up their heels and try something different. It's also a nifty excuse to go from stilettos to a cute pair of bridal chucks!

If you don't have a style in mind for your dance, but know you want something a little different, jump on youtube and search for “best wedding dances”. You'll come across a choreography gold mine. Hey, you may even want to take on learning it by yourselves at home! There are also often great group classes you can do at salsa and jazz bars. These are fantastic fun as there is often a live band, you get to meet heaps of new people and have a drink or two while you learn! Find your style, what makes you happy, and burn up that dance floor!