final diamond guide


All That Glitters Part IV

Welcome to your fourth and final diamond lesson ladies (and gents)! Today the “I do in a day” team learnt about diamond shapes! What shaped rock tickles your bling-bling fantasy? Are you a classic Tiffany's style princess? Do you love the perfection and softness of the round cut stone, or are you on the hunt for something edgy and unconventional? There are endless stunning designs to choose from, and choosing your diamond shape can be a tricky business. Whilst so many available are pretty self explanatory in their definitions; round, heart, oval; we thought we'd focus on a couple of the more befuddling ones.

Diamond Ring


First, for the Kate Middleton (ok, ok, she's not technically a princess) in all of us, we have the Princess shaped diamond. A square design, it is now second in popularity only to round stones on the market. Because of it's design, Princess diamonds often require more weight to really optimise sparkle. Settings need to be four pronged in order to stabilise the diamond and protect it's corners. These shapes are often seen bordered with two triangular shaped stones to add that little extra substance to the appearance. An excuse for more diamonds? Yay we say!


Marquis shaped diamonds were inspired by the mouth of the Marquis de Pompadour, who apparently had a pretty gorgeous pout! They are similarly shaped to an AFL football (my apologies, I couldn't think of a more elegant analogy) with pointed ends. The dainty appearance of this cut means it looks beautiful used as a solitaire (on it's own) or accompanied by smaller framing stones.


Looking for a piece with a bit of unusual style? A shape that popped up in the funky Art Deco era is the Asscher. These diamonds are perfect for creating edgy ring designs with a geometric feel. Similar to an Emerald shape, but more square in it's dimensions, the cutting method means a higher quality diamond is often required. However, it also means it's perfect for showcasing stones of  beautiful bright colours!

So there we have it! We hope you've enjoyed our “All that Glitters” pieces, we've learnt a few things ourselves along the way! We're sure you'll find those perfect engagement and wedding rings to suit your own style and budget, happy shopping!