feed them cake


During weddings in ancient Roman times, they broke a loaf of bread over the virginal bride's head to romantically symbolise her new husband's rule over her. Accounts from the 17th century make mention of a “bride's pie”; Mutton, mince or sweet bread filled, it contained a charm of some sort that would be found by the next lucky girl to be wed. Then generous brides began giving pieces of wedding cake to her guests to place under their pillow that night, in the hopes they would dream of their future spouse...or for emergency midnight munchies. Today, we just really like dessert!...and the moment when a newly married couple smoosh cream and pastry into each other's faces.

cake pop

Getting started

Traditionally, the wedding cake is the centre piece of the reception. A tiered creation, the top layer of which is sometimes kept for the first child's christening celebrations. Thankfully today's brides don't face getting covered in crumbs like our Roman ancestors and we have a rainbow of endless flavours to choose from! A good wedding cake specialist can design your cake especially for your reception. Take along pictures of your wedding colours, wedding dress, flowers and anything that you feel defines the style and feel of your big day. Also, consider the wedding reception venue and how the cake will match in with it's design and lay out. Find a baker that will give you a taste selection session and enjoy the delicious process. 

We all have one or two fussy relatives. If you are the uber generous bride and feel you simply MUST cater to every guest, why not make your wedding cake tiers different flavours? You can also go for gluten free or lactose free options for food intolerances. You'd be surprised how tasty and moist almond flour cakes can be! 

Cupcake crazy

If you haven't caught up with the cupcake craze of the past few years, check out the incredible edible towers wedding cake designers are creating with these individually wrapped morsels. Use different shades of your wedding colours for a rainbow-like cascade effect. Cupcakes are a great option if you want the sweet formality of cutting the cake, but to lose the drama of cutting and plating for everyone. Ask for a small wedding cake to top the tower and surround it with mini wedding-cake replicas that can easily be handed out or wrapped in cellophane bags and placed on settings. 

Pop Culture

The latest fashion in baked goods however, appears to be cake pops! Perfect for the fun modern day wedding, cake pops can be created in different shapes and themes to suit any celebration style. Your wedding cake flavour of choice is baked, then crumbled up with icing. It is rolled into balls and frozen. When firm, lollypop sticks are inserted before the cake balls are dipped into more icing and decorated. Delicious! Alternatively, some baking blogs show pops made by cutting cake in various shapes with cookie cutters, so you can even have mini wedding-cake shaped creations for your party! Stand your cake pops in beautiful clear candy jars and let your wedding guests take their dessert at their leisure. Or, ask your cake designer to fashion foam cake boards and arrange cake pops in the shape of a traditional wedding cake.  

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