emergency kit


Wherever, whenever, whoever you are...


You will thank me when your Maid of Honour is super-gluing her snapped heel back together before wedding photos! Or when one of the groom's men is sheepishly changing his white gym socks to a black pair you “just happened to have on hand”. From the smallest slip-up's to the biggest blunders, as a bride you want to feel confident that your entourage will be equipped to handle the heat...and the cold! The following are a few items you may have not thought of to pack in your emergency stash for the big day...

Bride and her ladies

A button down smock or towel

Whether the blushing bride is having powder re-applied or sneaking a much needed snack between wedding photos, we want to avoid any kind of spillage on that beautiful gown! Have a garment like a smock or soft white towel with you to drape over the neckline and bodice during these situations.

Hand disinfectant 

You'll be shaking a lot of hands, touching a lot of bouquets and going from place to place today. Believe me, you'll be glad you packed it!

Shoe cushions and baby powder

These two are handy if you and your bridesmaids begin to get sore feet in your high heels, or start to get blisters. Also, pack some white flip-flops so that you can rest your dancing feet in the powder room for a moment or two.

As mentioned before, black suit socks 

Boys, boys, boys. They just don't think of these things sometimes. We don't want any groom's men flashing bright white ankles in the wedding photos thank you very much.


Green, teeth, wedding photos, 'enough said?'

A list of phone numbers

For the transport company, your bridesmaids, groom and his men, the reception etc. We all know phones can be temperamental sometimes, so back it up, old school. Also, a little write up of your wedding day plan or a time-line is nice to have with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.


You've been in hair and make-up since 6am. It's hard to look your most radiant when you're about to go into starvation mode! Pack a nice light snack; some trail mix or sliced apple; to give you some sustenance and a bit of sugar to get through the day, and also stop you feeling tipsy after one glass of Champagne. You could ask your transport company to stock the cars with some nibbles for you and your bridal party.

Other handy wedding bits include mini sewing kits, bobby pins, band-aids, deodorant & eye-drops (there will be tears, trust me).

Make sure you sort through what you've got at home before going out and buying everything straight away. These little bits and pieces can add up! Write a list to tick off as you pack up your emergency kit. This extra bit of time you spend covering all bases will pay off when your wedding day is superb, stress-free and super organised!