edible flowers


What better way to keep your garden theme throughout your entire day by taking it straight onto the plate! Make your wedding dishes a floral feast for the eyes and taste buds by using a range of edible flowers that not only look stunning, but taste lovely too! Here is a guide to some edible blooms that you can use. Be sure to consult a florist before using anything you are unsure about, including whether certain plants can trigger allergic reactions. Just like mushrooms, some flowers can be extremely dangerous when ingested.

wedding floral decor

Let's start with the most romantic of all, rose petals. Use the extract in baked goods, jellies, candies like turkish delight and gelati. If your using them to give your salads a splash of colour, be sure to remove the white stem so that the petals do not taste bitter.

For a touch of orange that also lends a pleasant peppery taste to savoury dishes, try using nasturtiums. This fast growing plant produces small flowers great for finishing off salads.

To add a bit of purple to guests' plates, look no further than the viola family. From heavily perfumed sweet flowers to more savoury pea varieties. They can be crystallised to decorate cakes, used to make sweet teas, added to salads and used when grilling meats to add a smokey flavour.

Show your guests that you can take your green thumb skills from garden to kitchen and have fun with your floral wedding menu.