eco bride


If you're having your wedding in the serenity of the great outdoors, chances are you're concious of the footprint your partying antics might leave. Give thanks to nature for your picture perfect setting by being an eco-concious bride.

wedding favours


Set your sites on an eco friendly gown made from 100% organic fabrics. You may be surprised at the number of designers in your area who cater to or specialise in such requests! Want to recycle a vintage favourite or wear something super original? Get a family heirloom or second hand bargain altered and added to by a local designer. Or enlist the help of a  fashion student. They'll be grateful for the experience and love having their work on show. You'll feel a little more magical walking down the aisle in something you know no one else has!

Save the forests

Invites and RSVP's can take up an extraordinary amount of paper . Aside from using recycled paper, you could set up a lovely little wedding blog and get your guests to RSVP online. More than likely, you'll have an idea of numbers much faster than if you were twiddling your thumbs waiting for snail mail!

The washing up

To avoid doubling the amount of dishes, and therefore water usage, during the evening, ask guests to write names on their glasses with white chalk pen. Alternatively, print name tags on recycled paper. Build a collection of gorgeous ribbons from second hand stores and markets and use them to tie the tags to wine glass necks. 

Shop local

Make your contribution to the community and avoid those additional associated fuel costs by buying local organic produce for your reception. Not only is it an environmentally concious choice that supports local farmers, but it's fresher and tastes a million times better than mass-produced food from out of town! 


Have a bit of boozy fun searching for lovely bio-dynamic wines for the party. The term “bio-dynamic” refers to everything from the agricultural processes, harvesting and post-production of the wine. It is an ethical and spiritual method that views the farm as an interconnected living system. Not only is there the promise of good karma in every glass, but less preservatives and additives often means a less brutal hangover the next day!

Satisfy your guests' sweet-tooths with fairtrade chocolates on place settings. The fairtrade movement aims to promote better environmental conditions, higher exporter prices and sustainability for farmers in developing countries. You'll find it applies to many items from chocolates, coffee, wine, sugar, fresh fruit and even gold. 

On a smaller scale make sure you have an adequate rubbish and recycling system in place for the day and night. Organise a composting system with your caterers, and be sure to clean up any stray trash (including your best mate passed out on the lawn) from the site the next day.

Mother nature will hardly know you were there and you can go on your honeymoon with a clear conscience and a touch of good karma.