crushing on coconut


Australia is OBSESSED with everything coconut. 

We are positively coco-nutty.

From beauty products to cocktails to sports drinks. Since health bloggers everywhere began to rave about the benefits of coconut water and oil, it seems we simply can't get enough of this little super-food miracle! Apart from smelling divine and being ultra healthy, it is simply delicious! Coconut is the perfect dessert element to make your beach wedding a tasty tropical soiree...

Crushing Coconut

Pineapple and coconut are a match made in hula-heaven. Soak some pineapple in naughty Malibu rum for a mouthwatering grown-up dessert course. Serve with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream or scoops of mango hibiscus sorbet for a simple but delicious dessert that'll have your guests feeling like they're partying in Barbados (and ready to shake their own coconuts)!

If Hawaii's more your surfy style, put some Haupia on your menu. A traditional Hawaiian dessert, it's sort of like a panacotta made from coconut. Locals often use it as a topping or filling for their own white wedding cakes. Do as the natives do, or serve it on it's own in ramekins topped with toasted coconut chips and a passionfruit drizzle. Use it to make coconut tartlets topped with tropical fruit or as a filling for your wedding cupcakes. 

Want to be a little more adventurous with your menu? Surprise your guests with a creamy sweet coconut dessert risotto. Most recipes use coconut milk, oil, flesh and rum! That's one hardcore coconut flavour hit, and one that will have all your guests talking! Or, if you're a sucker for fried pastry like I am, opt for some sinfully delightful coconut cream Gulab Jamuns. They're an Indian doughnut; little round morsels of fluffy coconut pastry that are fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Garnish with some gorgeous edible petals, and you've a show stopping exotic dessert!

Jump aboard the crazy train with the rest of us coconut addicts. Whether you want a subtle hint or a taste tsunami for the senses, it's the perfect palette ending to your balmy beach I do's...