cheese tower


A Wedding Cheese Cake. No, not a cheesecake. A cheese cake. Wax coated wheels of cheese stacked to be reminiscent of a classic tiered wedding cake. For those of us who's taste-buds are more excited by the idea of a truffle infused pecorino than a fondant covered mud cake, it's the perfect alternative centre piece for the big day! The winery bride will be in culinary heaven as she toasts to her dream wedding; sun setting over rolling vineyards; glass of vino in hand paired with a decadent triple cream, topped with a lavender honey drizzle...and I have just given myself the most intense camembert craving!

Cheese Cake Slice

Most wedding dining packages include dessert already, so if you're not really one for sweets you'll love this idea. Not only is a tower an interesting way to present your guests with their cheese platter, they also look fantastic! Choose from a wide range of cheese varieties and coloured and textured rinds. If you're a real foodie, why not have little menus on each table that show the name of each layer, the region it hails from and short taste description. It's always interesting to know what you're eating and Cheese Mongers in the crowd will be super impressed!

Add a beautiful waterfall of coloured fruits such as figs, red grapes and bright nectarines as decoration and finish off with some vines from the winery. Ask your catering company to serve the tower to guests on platters with delicious organic chutneys, caramelised onions, honeys and fresh crusty brioche.

Jump online and check out some of the incredible cheese suppliers that offer Wedding Cheese Tower packages. The packages are mainly based on numbers, and most local companies will come to the reception and assemble it on site. Of course you can do it yourself, but it's nice to have someone else do the fiddly work when you're sporting a fresh manicure to compliment your new wedding band!