just married


A lot of people will tell you that when you get married, everything changes. Now, is that not the most terrifying thing to hear when you’ve just said yes to your best friend’s proposal? Even if you are in one of those awesomely in-tune-with-each-other relationships (and we hope you are!) where getting married was as easy as finishing a king-size KitKat (come on, it’s not just me), there are bound to be those moments when you stop and just think “whoa, that’s different”. They won’t always be bad realisations, but here are a couple of changes you may notice. So we paired up a common few with a bit of reasoning to help you navigate each if the time comes after you say “I do”...


That realisation that the so called “chase” is done

Seriously, was the chase really all that good? Did you love waiting for the phone call (or Facebook message - don’t lie, you’ve been there) to know whether you’d “clicked”? The awkward conversations about whether or not you’re “official”? The butterflies around all these moments are amazing, of course. But just think - you DID click, you ARE official! Officially married and officially awesome. Go you two!

The no-go-zones may disappear

Sadly, this may happen a little too naturally after getting hitched. You may be the offender or the offended. Either way, stay mindful! Don’t get sloppy when it comes to things like body odour, weird noises and toe nail clipping, just to mention a few. Remember - the bathroom has a door for a reason!

Big things become small things

This is a pretty cool one. Issues that may once have created big crazy fights, inflamed by the option of splitting up before you were married, you may notice become more manageable. Here be-eth the head-space change of couple life VS married life. You are literally in this together, and those mountains in the road have pleasantly become mere bumps that you can strut around while holding hands.

But, then again, small things become big things?

Small things, as in small things that you do for each other or say to give each other those warm fuzzy feelings, start to mean a whole lot more. When you’re busy, busy, busy with life in general, it’s so easy to just plain forget to keep things small things in play. Remember the things that make each of you giggle, and things that give you those goofy-smile-sparkly-eye feelings, and be sure to drop them in every now and then. Because, those warm fuzzy feelings, those little things, are what made you fall in love in the first place, right?

Don’t freak out when people tell you that things will “change”. Every day will bring a new challenge, and with it, new learnings. You might know each other back to front, or you might learn more about each other than you could ever have expected. And that’s all part of the adventure that is marriage. That’s why they say “I take you” in wedding vows - you take each other on an adventure!