candle light


For those of you out there with hopeless romantic hearts like every single person at I do in a day, you'll understand how much we adore a touch of candle light. Synonymous with enchanting dinners, champagne bubble baths and classic old time love stories, a little golden flicker is so often the finishing touch to any lovey-dovey scene. To add a magical dimension to your wedding day, consider the following candle light ideas that we came across this week!


Mason jars are the answer to many a DIY bride's decorative dilemma! These quaint glass jars make for adorable candle holders. They're cute and useful if you want candles on the ground, lighting a magical little pathway into your reception. If you want to add some personal charm to these, find some wide vintage lace ribbon and wrap a piece around each jar. This creates gorgeous little centre-pieces that will shine floral shapes across the room all evening. 

You can also fashion stencil holders out of brown paper bags or white wax paper. Simply cut fun shapes out of the paper such as love hearts, stars or polka dots, and place the mason jars inside. The candles will radiate these lovely stencils across tables, and cost next to nothing! If you're not terribly nifty with the scissors, ask your local craft store if they sell laser cut patterned paper in filigree patterns to do the same thing.

For a mysterious shimmery glow use a tall candle and half fill the jar around it with shiny gem stones and beads in the colour theme of your wedding day. So pretty!

Lucky enough to have a water feature or pond at your venue? Floating candles will give life to your lighting as they move and bob around on top of the water. Find pretty ones in the shapes of lilies, stars and butterflies. Sprinkle a little glitter on the water surface (if you're allowed!) for that extra twinkling sparkle, or rose petals for classic romance.

To keep in with a sweet garden themed celebration, fill a range of bird cages with different sized candles. Ask your wedding planner to find you a company that rents out vintage home-wares. You can find some great cages in wrought iron, matte whites, pastels or black for a more gothic touch.

As with any other product used to create your dream wedding, try to use eco-friendly candles. You can find them made from natural materials like sustainable beeswax, palm oil (from coconuts) and soy. Read all labels and choose those that are 100% natural to avoid any hidden paraffin nasties. And just to be on the safe side, check that any indoor venues have sufficient ventilation.