cake by the sea-side


Now to the most important course of the entire night. Yes people, dessert is THE most important course of a meal! It's the last thing your guests will taste before they put their fork down for the final time. No matter how many dishes come before, everyone always has that little gap that can't be filled by anything but sugary, creamy and chocolatey decadence! When you've taste-tested until you've frosting coming out of your pores, chosen your cake and filling flavours, it's time to have a bit of fun with some oceanic decoration!


Why did you and your partner choose a beach wedding? Maybe it was love at first sight as you caught each others eyes across the break, both salty and sun-kissed, bobbing on surf boards. Ask your decorator to incorporate a surfing theme into your cake. Dismiss the traditional bride and groom cake toppers and seek out some old school long boards to grace your highest tier! Beach bums will love a Combi Van centre-piece to remind them of winding road trips down the coast. Find some cute little toy deck-chairs and ask for mini thongs made of icing for an edible sun-baking scene!

Ask your super talented baker of choice to fashion the frosting of your cake into an edible sandcastle! Make the focal point of your reception a mermaid palace fit for Ariel with turrets and windows in shades of white and cream, decorated with pearl sugar balls and mini starfish. 

Speaking of mermaids, why not go for a more subtle beach theme and design a cake decorated with a rainbow of mermaid scale shapes? Ask your decorator to experiment with scallop style frosting to give your cake more depth and wave-like dimensions.

Collaborate your florist with your cake maker and make your design really pop with a beautiful cascade of punchy island blooms on a white background. Coat the icing in candied coconut and sit the final creation on a bed of giant banana leaves for a truly tropical finish to your wedding feast!