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You don't want your guests slapping at their bare flesh during your “I do's” as they get feasted on by mosquitoes. If your garden wedding is being held in a public park, start by consulting the groundskeeper in regards to bugs that are common to the area. There are often certain times of day when insects are better or worse, so be smart when planning what time you hold your ceremony.

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Weddings held close to any still bodies of water will be more prone to more bugs! Scope out your location. If your heart is set on a lake-side location, beware that you may have to double up on precautions so that your food and bodies don't get swarmed!

It is super important with any outdoor wedding to have plenty of insect repellant on hand. Consider giving mini bottles of repellant to your guests. Some bug sprays are unsuitable for kids skin, so make sure you investigate some kid-friendly options if your guest list includes little ones. Also, advise guests to bring jackets or other cover-ups if you're partying in a particularly mozzie friendly area.

Citronella candles should be placed around your party area. Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing some of the cute online designs. You'll find every shape and size from butterfly holders, hangable jars, little ceramic pots and coloured Moroccan glasses. If you don't like citronella, you can use natural alternatives that deter bugs. Thai Lemon Grass placed around your reception will help to keep mosquitoes away and are easily incorporated into flower arrangements or hidden in your surroundings. Most insects also dislike the smell of cucumber, which can be chopped up and placed in between arrangements, in bowls or hidden away in unsuspecting corners.No matter how many precautions you take, remember to have Stingose on site just in case!