wedding bubbly


The politics & the deliciousness!

“POP!” It’s the sound of celebration! Cue the camera flashes and the applause because that “POP!” is the sound of congratulations and a pre-empt for party time! And, if you are lucky, for a sip of something divine and bubbly! 


A nice glass of bubbly is a somewhat mandatory element in weddings these days, and choosing just the right one makes a sparkling world of difference. But a “glass of bubbly” refers to so many varieties these days, so let’s go over a few basics to help you choose your wedding drop...

Surely you’ve received a slap on the wrist by your wine friends at some stage when using the term “Champagne”. Why? Because Champagne is a term reserved ever so strictly for sparkling wines produced in the region of the same name in France. The French winemaking community hold to the rules of Champagne production that cover everything from particular plots suitable for grape growing, pruning habits, fermentation style, even the strategic release of the wines into the market to maintain the finesse and exclusivity of the style. It may be the drop choice for parties and fun times, but Champagne, it seems, is serious business!

Now that we’ve got rules and regulations out of the way, let’s move on to taste. What sparkling wine does your wedding toast call for? Fresh and citrus? Savoury with a touch of creaminess? Or have you a cheeky sweet tooth?...

For a crisp aperitif style of sparkling, you can’t go past a beautiful Blanc de Blanc. The name literally means “white from white”, referring to the grapes used. With subtle mineral characters and notes of citrus, this drop pairs well with most foods. You could also try Cava, the Spanish equivalent, which often brings a touch of green apple to the palette. Both are lovely versatile choices if you’re having a few courses.

If you’re searching for a drop with more body, a Blanc de Noir (“white from black”) may quench your matrimonial thirst. This variety uses a blend of both white and red grape juice. In doing so, the wine often presents additional earthy and herbal notes that you would typically pick up in a red wine. These wines are a touch more bold, whilst maintaining a nice delicacy.

For the sweet tooths among all of us, or for the Spring wedding where you need something light and flirty, a Moscato is definitely on the cards! Originating from the hilltop town of Asti in Piedmont, Italy, this fabulously fruity wine is traditionally made with muscat grapes. Moscato has positively boomed in popularity of late, meaning the choice on the market feels somewhat boundless! Typically you’ll find that the most elegant tasting ones are those that are made and carbonated naturally, creating a beautiful champagne-like bubble and finishing softly without any residual bitterness. Perfect for warmer season weddings, to have with dessert or cheese courses, or simply for couples that like a touch of pink in their celebrations!

A long and rich history of production and indulgence by some of history’s most noble icons means that today a glass of sparkling wine symbolises so much; happiness, accomplishment, festivity, style, romance; all manner of things that go into the makings of the most divine wedding celebrations. Do a little research, have a little taste. It takes only a little planning to select a sparkling wine that is worthy of toasting to your love, your family and the exciting road ahead.

Cheers from everyone here at I Do in a Day !