the brunch wedding



If you’ve been to a handful of weddings, you’ll surely have had to prematurely wind down your partying antics when the clock strikes midnight. As you hightail it home like Cinderella with two shoes, you sigh, “I just wanted a few more dances!”. Who wants to pay a fortune to hire out a divine reception location, only to be kicked out at the peak of your night? The solution, my brides and grooms-to-be, is to simply start your celebrations earlier!

Hours earlier in fact. At brunch time to be precise !


If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then brunch is without a doubt the best meal that was ever invented. Not only does brunch come with all the delights and delectables we love about a lavish breakfast, but it also comes with a sleep in and an optional bloody mary! I’m certain I’m not alone in saying that if there’s one smell combination that delights my senses more than almost anything else in this world, it’s that of fresh coffee and waffles. Can you imagine my joy when I stumbled upon a handful of websites talking about “The Brunch Wedding”?

I Do in a Day have fallen in love with the concept! Just imagine getting married in the mid morning sunshine as the birds are singing. Take your time to saunter down to your reception, where you and your guests are treated to a decadent brunch buffet; mini french toasts, granola parfaits, bacon toastie bites and endless bowls of colourful fresh fruit. Cheers to your incredible day with a mimosa or two, or grab a cappuccino from the barista in his mobile coffee cart (yes, you can hire them!).

Having a morning or daytime wedding puts a different spin on things. Your wedding may have a casual vibe, with an acoustic soundtrack setting that happy-go-lucky mood. Although, in saying that, brunch has always been deemed a decidedly elegant notion in itself. There’s nothing to say you can’t hire that grand hotel function room and throw a truly extravagant daytime affair. The idea screams visions of Gossip Girl high society sipping their champagne cocktails.

The added benefit of a morning wedding is that you’re likely to get your venue of choice a touch cheaper by choosing a lower demand time frame. Another bonus of the brunch wedding? Photo lighting. All. Day. No rushing to get that angle before the sun starts to disappear, you’ve got all afternoon to get snaps!

Brunch weddings are so utterly fabulous, however you choose to create them. You could be cheersing to your morning of mornings with pan au chocolat, wearing an elegant blush pink gown, a string quartet in the background. You could be sipping on a tea cup of fruit punch as your new hubby plays barefoot bowls over yonder, and the smell of maple syrup wafts through the air. Whatever, however you choose to make it, brunch is always a good idea.