beach tunes


A beach road trip is an Australian indulgence enjoyed by many who like to wallow in the slower pace of our shore line towns. Embrace the rhythm of the tides with a Summery, beach inspired playlist of Aussie artists for your celebrations. (Every guest will have a secret yearning for at least one of your classic wedding dance-floor songs, be it “Time Warp”, “The Nutbush” or “Thriller”. Don't leave these out, they're great for a bit of goofy fun!) Your guests will be the definition of chill-axed not ten minutes into pre-dinner cocktails with these tunes.

sea-side dance

For some cruisey tracks that induce sunset hammock flashbacks, look to our Sydney born brother-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone. Choose songs that have a chirpy fell to them (these guys are prone to bringing out some serious tear-jerkers) for when your guests arrive to their first round of drinks and tapas. “Mango Tree” and “Paper Aeroplane” provide great background music for mingling and the celebratory warm up.

Once the jaws get lubricated and the chatter gets some pace, it's time to introduce a bit of rhythm to your mix. The Little Stevies are an acoustic trio hailing from mighty Melbourne. There ain't no better way to inject some sunshine into your celebrations than with songs from their adorable, fresh collection of albums. Songs like “Sunshower” and “Sauso's and Tinnies” will have everyone toe tapping in no time, bubbles in hand.

In between courses or after dinner, your guests will be getting that restless feeling as the pull of the dance floor gets stronger and stronger. Get everyone spinning and shaking it with some spicy Australian jazz beats. The Cat Empire bring a big band, ska vibe to any party! Loosen the lads ties and throw heels to the side when the speakers pump funky dance tracks like “Days like these” and “Two shoes”.

The right playlist plays a crucial role in setting the tone for a beach wedding. Look to independent radio stations like Triple J for more incredible local musicians. But don't be afraid to break the ice with a few Californian classics from the Beach Boys!