beach selection


A beach wedding can be a dream come true for many a bride who believes nothing compares to the soothing ebb and flow of the tides and the distant echo of gulls, across a white capped bay. However, a clever bride should be ultra picky in selecting the location for her ceremony. It would be a damn shame to have to chase your grandma's vintage lace veil down the dunes as it's whisked away by bay winds! Here are a few things to consider when scouting locations.

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Wind Protection

Is the beach protected? A fully exposed location is likely to have you at the mercy of strong winds most days of the year, leaving your bride's maids scrambling for their bouquets, your guests straining to hear “I do”, and you squinting through sand whipped vows. You'll end up more shell-shocked than sun-kissed. Take a trip up and down the coastline you've chosen and look out for sheltered beaches with calmer waters for that peaceful, paradise setting.

Location, location, location...

Is the reception far from your chosen beach? City based weddings are different as there is generally an abundance of taxis and parking lots for guest transfers between ceremony and reception. There's also often a bar just around the corner to keep thirsty family and friends happy during photo time. When it comes to beach weddings, your guests may struggle for a better hangout than the local fish and chip fryers or RSL. If your heart is set on a secret, isolated location for the ceremony and a separate reception elsewhere, pre-warn your guests. Send cute little maps with your invites that indicate where guests can park and appropriate footwear recommendation for negotiating sanding surroundings! Alternatively, depending on guest numbers, arrange a meeting place and hire a bus to take your guests from beach to party.

The little things that count...

Check for any restrictions that will apply to your beach of choice. Some councils do not allow chairs for ceremonies, some do not allow for confetti, the list goes on. Council's can be tricky so make a jump start and tick your boxes early!

Are there (decent) public bathrooms at your beach? If the ceremony is going to be off the beaten beach trail you may need to organise toilet facilities for your guests. It may also be wise to supply big ice buckets of water bottles to keep everyone hydrated throughout proceedings.

By the sea it really is these little details and comforts that make the wedding flow. Take these points into account to ensure a relaxing, fun and memorable beach wedding experience for all!