beach friendly affair


It's all well and good to combine the natural sparkle and beauty of the beach with the glamour and romance of a wedding. However this outdoor setting of choice comes with it's challenges. Not only do you want your event to look stunning in photos, but you want guests to be comfortable as they watch their loved ones' sea-side nuptials.

beach parasol

Sweltering Celebrations

I was honoured to be a plus-one at a beach wedding on the Victorian coast several years back. It was wonderful, of course. I shed a tear or two, of course.  But when I wasn't dabbing daintily at my tears to avoid a panda eye situation, I was frantically dabbing the rest of my face to stop my make-up from melting off completely. It was 42 degrees and there we all were. Suits and gowns and very minimal shade, fanning ourselves with wedding programmes in the blaze of the hottest Aussie sunshine in months. With not a breath of the gentlest cool breeze we raced back to our accommodation in between ceremony and reception to shower and re-glam. 

Particularly in Victoria, it pays to be prepared to experience four seasons in twenty-four hours. Even if you do get that perfect mild day by the sea, it's a lovely gesture to go that little extra mile to make sure your guests are taken care of. 

Seaside Solutions 

Oriental paper parasols area lovely way to offer shade to your guests and a sweet little keep-sake from the day. Combining a stunning coastal back drop with parasols in pastels and candy tones can make for a beautiful colour combination. The photos will be spectacular! 

If you find parasols to big and bulky, I assure you every guest will be grateful for a cute complimentary paper fan. The online possibilities range from your simple coloured concertina, to gorgeous silk, woven bamboo, stencilled sandalwood, love-heart and butterfly shapes and even personalised wedding programme fans. 


Your bridesmaids will have been up since the crack of dawn, with you in the salon getting your faces painted, hair teased to high heavens. Why not grab some cute matching Havianna thongs for them to rest their little toes in-between high-heeled duties? Have a hunt around for some lovely metallic shades. Or grab some in white and glue on your own little diamante decals from any craft store. Your girls will love you when they're tearing up the dance floor with blister free toes!