beach decor


Beach wedding brides and grooms have a spectacular palette to work with when it comes to decoration. Stick to a natural colour scheme and experiment with varying textures and oceanic inspired pieces, or embrace the neutrality of your canvas with daring splashes in bright, loud colours! 

sea-side decor

To give your reception an out of this world feel, use round cream coloured paper lanterns above tables. Choose a wide range of varied sizes and heights and guests will feel as if they're dining underneath their own little solar system. These lanterns are great because they give off a beautiful warm light. If you want your reception to be a tropical paradise creation, pick lanterns patterned with flowers, starfish or nautical stripes in bright yellows and fuschias!

Use pearl pieces to give a classy feel to your frangipani and shell inspired settings. Pop tea candles in little clear glass holders and surround them with pearl-like beads. The reflection of candle light off their shimmery surface will create a magical, glamorous feel. Look for mother of pearl napkin napkin holders in brown and turquoise tones or scatter beachy toned gemstones down table runners.

If you want to give off more of a swashbuckler than surfer bunny theme, use antique bottles in dark greens and blacks to hold your flowers or candles. You can find some quirky  beer bottle designs to use as well! Think Lucky Buddha, Alahmbra and Old Gold. Choose pirate style ornaments to dot around your reception like ship replicas in bottles, anchor shaped pendants and antique treasure chests!