beach beauty


A sea-side wedding can be a steamy affair. With a gorgeous sun reigning over your celebrations and that sweet ocean breeze, blushing beach brides are wise to take a few extra precautions to ensure their stunning bridal make stays perfect and dewy for the whole party.

beach beauty

To begin, don't over moisturise your face on the big day. Use a light oil-free SPF moisturiser followed by a primer to absorb any excess excess. A primer is a way of prepping your skin to give the rest of your make-up the best canvas possible. It will ensure your foundation won't melt off half way through your vows! You do want to use a touch of powder to avoid SPF reflection in photos, but try not to over-powder if you want to keep that natural dewy glow. Liquid or mousse blushers are great for achieving that naturally flushed look, and they tend to have more staying power than powder varieties.

Be sure to follow through with sun smart products throughout your whole face, down the neck and chest and over your shoulders. UV rays are in some instances doubled in strength on the beach because of their reflection off water and sand. Before you apply your lip colour of choice, prep your pout with a natural lip balm that contains SPF. Word up your groom and his men with some gent-specific SPF products so they don't crisp up on the altar either!

One of the trickiest products to make stay fast during humid or hot weather is brow liners and powders. If you don't have a product for your brows that you are 100% confident in, it may be worth looking into getting them tinted. We can't have your eyebrows sliding down your face like a couple of caterpillars!

Once you've achieved the knock out beach-babe look you want, a make up setting spray is a great measure to take to combat mother nature. These products act like a hairspray for your makeup. A good setting spray will need only one or two spritzes throughout your day. It's that little extra step that'll have you confidently going from shore line to dance floor without too many fiddly touch ups!